About Us

Mypoetrymywords is the global voice founded by Nirmala Sharma with my own ideas and views over the social issues in our country purely based on my thought. Not a renowned poet but five of my poem have already been published in an international journal CYBERWIT for THE TAJ and looking forward for my motive is to established the website to deliver inspiring poems, quotations and stories in clear and jargon-free language that inspires healing, feelings, happiness and love on the planet.

My core belief ‘Inspiring minds can lead you to the path of desire and surrounded by the people who admire ’, inspired us to step into the poetic domain as a small initiative and address some of the challenging and critical issues.
Backed by professional editors, writers, and journalists who are dedicated to providing trusted, correct, and relevant poetic information, we lay emphasis on developing problem-solving content so people can get a proper assistance and take informed decision during stressful and complicated time.

With our professional all section of poems, songs, thoughts, quotations and stories are able to manage so that you inspire and get interest. Committed to providing expert guidance and daily tools to needy, MypoetryMywords updates the best poems based on social issue, interest, fear, love, feeling and dreams so that you get better part of inspiration and information.

Looking forward to growing as a digital icon in the world of poetry, MypoetryMywords continues to add day-to-day update in relevant topics with some sensitive issues and find new ways to reach audiences across developing technologies. Our aim is to widen our arena and take it to a next level in near future.

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