Wrong number – Story

Next day with all as usual activities her hand are full, sudden hears a ring tone she runs to receive but disconnect the same on seeing the same number she really gets frustrated over consecutive call of the same number at last she picks one out of her ignorance and says. Mr. what is your problem?  Why are you bothering even when you are said wrong number ? - story

Hello who is this ?

Am I talking to Miss. Ritika
No this is Natasha.
Wrong number

She disconnects After a while gets the ring of same number Hello Mr. you have got the wrong number please check this out stop bothering She disconnects again and mumbles in her self;

These boys are alike no sooner hears a female voice than starts flatting I just hate this.

Next day with all as usual activities her hand are full, sudden hears a ring tone she runs to receive but disconnect the same on seeing the same number she really gets frustrated over consecutive call of the same number at last she picks one out of her ignorance and says. Mr. what is your problem?  Why are you bothering even when you are said wrong number ?

Please don’t disconnect the call I need to talk to you.
And what a stranger is supposed to talk to me? I know we are stranger but we can be friend if you want. No I have not any such want as I have too many friends around I hope you got that. Ongoing conversation is disconnected by Natasha.
After that hash conversation no such call was made by the other end for two days consecutively.

But the following third day has the same number and now she has had enough, just now she signed out her work and exhausted enough to deal with another worthless query. Please Mr. who are you? I request not to trouble me. And if I am not interested in talking to you why are you trying your worthless effort.
Natasha please before hanging up listens to me once. Even though she doesn’t want she ought to. OK, tell me. I don’t know how to say but I love hearing your voice though I know you don’t like my voice very much. I was not trying anybody; I know no ritika I was playing with the wrong numbers. Then I connected to you and I found something captivated me towards, whether believe or not but I fell in love with voice.

Are you over with your exaggeration now can I disconnect and not accept you bothering me again. Natasha please I am not a bad guy I just want to be your friend. Please accept.

See Mr. Now I am nearby my home.

Good bye. Please listen…………………….

After a while she get

 a message written ‘Good Night dear and sweet dream your and just your kris’ She was shocked by such event has not ever been part of earlier in her life. What forces she thinks over. Every single day and night of hers is followed by a well wish good night and good morning messages Certain call occasionally what she hardly bothers. But somewhere she starts thinking of him as she has not ever been shown such care by any boy in her life thus any massage of him has a sweet and cute smile on her face. Once she picks one of his calls and asks. Why are you doing this? What if I say I love doing this? No, actually you know nothing about me yet you message and call me every day. I message you to speak my heart I really care for you and make you smile. I call so that could hear your voice and my days are made. That’s so nice of you but why should I trust you? I have been taught not to believe on strangers and I have not seen you even. That’s true no one should believe on strangers. You can take your time to analysis this stranger and decide whether I am trust worthy. Ok, that’s enough for now, my home is nearby.
Can I call you tomorrow? Eh……………………………………………..you can But after my official hour at 5 ‘o’ clock.
Thank you for believing me. Bye and good night.
Good night.

Now the relation of unknown number goes on like that…. Their care, concern, affection contacted via wrong number none of them saw each other none of them know how the concern one look behind the number but love to love with words on call. And that was somewhere fascinating for Natasha.

Unknowingly she was happy, and the days go on with immense number of affectionate words, words that have care, words that have love, words that have concern for each other but still far away from reach. It has been approx 9 month of this telephonic love relation. ……………………………………………………. One cold morning around 4:30 am Natasha feels vibration next to her and finds there is a name kris flashing on her mobile, little smile spread over her face. She picks the call and gets mesmerized with the words ‘I love you’ and far common the return response and then love words start clashing. ‘Natasha get up it is 6 ‘o’ clock you have to get ready for you office ‘gets a call from her mother. Fine will talk latter bye, Natahsa’s attitude, behavior, style everything was being noticed by her colleague Natasha finds far interest in her work, used to be very happy, decorate herself as if she is being boasted by some positive energy around her. Hey Natasha what happened? You seem rather different then to your earlier days.

Yes Ridhima my now is really exciting because I am deeply in love with someone. Is that really? Yes dear. And may I know who that is? His name is kris. kris! When did you meet him? How all such things happened sudden? Well…..I haven’t met him yet.

Sorry Natasha!

You said you haven’t met him yet! And how come you can fall in love with a guy you haven’t seen yet, now this is strange and no doubt unacceptable. Actually Ridhima I had the same thought earlier but as the days go by the word that I haven’t ever encountered with made me think serious of him and at last it happened. But Natasha I don’t think it’s appropriates enough. I don’t know what’s what I just love him Fine but I would say be alert. Ok see you then Natasha on the way to her home holding mobile on her ear, talking to kris Natasha I think we should see each other Of course! I was thinking. Tomorrow I am coming to your place to see you What? Are you really? But how would I recognise you? Well I’ll be wearing your favourite colour You mean royal blue Yes from top to toe you would see me blue waiting for you on station holing a same coloured bag early in the morning around 6:30 am. Wow! I am so excited kries. How long will you be staying in Delhi? Two days especially for you. That so sweet of you, well I would be wearing the same colour so that we could recognise each other. OK then let’s wait till tomorrow to see my beloved out of imaginary sense, Bye take care. Bye kris. Next morning Natasha has been woke up by little fear, excitement and lots of question inside her  As usual she leaves her house but her way has a turn to the station then to her office. She was taken leave with certain excuses of her, just to make proper time with kris beyond any knowledge to her parents. Natasha curiously looking forward for kris as it was already 6:30am but there was no sign of kris the train has come and left, people got down but no royal blue has been seen. Still she waited for another one hour without any further information about his arrival, his phone was not reachable to get his status any more. Natasha got disappointed. As fresh bloomed face got sudden stroke unexceptionally! Natasha turns herself with heavy heart to exit the station. If I am not mistaken you are Natasha.

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