Release my soul – Fairy tail

Souls are captured in the journey of words                                                  An enigma is waiting at the end of the road                                                Must read the book but be careful                                                Because you have to follow the entire rules                                                Written to reach the enigma’s door                                                Either you have to solve                                                Or might lost forever and for all. - Fairy tail

We often wonder to see sometime something  happen beyond the expectation, moreover when we can easily draw a figure about  someone and surmise his future of being, but it really shocks when our well defined predictable words jumbled against to form another new line where lies a meaning no one could ever expected.

Here lies a survival series of one called Ruhana eldest brother in family stays near sea beach, he is nine member Family Ruhana the eldest one then Ali, afjal, afis, abdul, naike  and his father Jaffar and mother sofi. Ruhana is 22 year old boy despite of being eldest among all brother he is neither appreciated as he  is disobedient enough to obey nor preferred due to very irresponsible as per the point of view of his neighbours and the people around him, Ruhana  is ugly enough to get some ill comments. People used to whispered passing by his family.

“I am sure he might have born on the wrong side of the blanket” “Who knows the exact matter behind this ugly creature?
Sometime some so-called relatives used comment to his mother sofi.
Is Ruhana your son or you have adopted him out of this world? And so on and on and on………… never ending comments Poor family got habituated to have such ill words.
One more measure reason behind all such ill comments is the way they used to earn money to survive not too much but at least can set off the fire of hunger and this attempt of the family leads their surroundings to feel jealous of them and pass all such ill comments to discourage them.
But true “persons who habituated to move ahead never get distracted over trefoils.” And that is what ruhan’s family.
All the members of the family are engaged in some short of activity so that they could earn resource for the day as their poverty has not that much strength to keep up tomorrow so every day they work hard to defend themselves out of hunger. His mother earns by doing household work of other, father earns as fisherman, brother Naik and Ali help their father in fishing, and Afjal , Afis and  abdul work in a small dhaba nearby but among all those busy members of the family Ruhana is only person used to seat back at house and think about something out of this world and starts enacting over like immature enough to behave like an eldest member of the family. Sometime his behaviour is like an abnormal person and all such activity of Ruhana is the measure reason of his family dudgeon.
Though they detest Ruhana’s  all such foolish activities yet seriously concern for him and his future ahead. Because they are quite satisfied with rest of their children as they know well, can easily take over their responsibilities.  Ruhana has been out in left field since childhood, always used to seat back in the corner of the room and all of sudden jumps with a joy. Pretty much interested in fairy tell or fantasy stories and as per his thought all these exactly exist in this world and one day he would be the part of it.
Even at the age of 22 no changes occur he used to buy such fantasy books once in two three years as he is poor enough mean while he used to collect all such books from the dumping yard or used to seat in front of his neighbor’s TV set to watch fairy tell or magical stories  , all the members sipped their sweat on letting him understand about the imaginary world and reality, but no affect at all.
One morning when members get engaged in their as usual activities, Ruhana  is giving some kind of a shape in air with help of his fingers seating in the corner of the room.
Sofi(mother on noticing him): What nonsense  are you doing seating in the corner?  Come and have your breakfast.
Ruhana (no response at all)
Mother: are you deaf enough to hear me Ruhana?
Ruhana (comes hastily when mother get angry)
Mother: Sit down and have you breakfast at least. Especially when are being served in front of you. Because you can’t trouble any of your body part for doing any other work accepts involving in useless activities.
Ruhana(on hearing such sentence all of a sudden says): don’t  tell my activity useless it has power of  good future of mine and one day I would  have also f
abulous life like other  personalities. 
Mother (making fun): my dear son it is not bad building castle in air bit it should be in limit. Have you ever noticed your big tubby? Yes! It needs food and for food we need to work otherwise the way you are showing me attitude would be zero like this (showing thumb) understood?  Want to live fabulous life, good for nothing (irritably).
(Ruhana takes his leave and start muttering in self) hmm…it is not you kind of a people could ever get across my feelings, you guys would only discourage me rather than  helping and supporting (by saying this Ruhana gets out of the house).

He used to sit in such an enormous area of the sea beach valley whenever he feels angry or upset which are few kilometres away from his house full of sand, storm, and uneven surfaces and bushy enough to get sun rays).
On seating he starts straining his nerves out of every thought ever generate to make him feel zeal or melancholy.
(He says to himself): why nobody likes me? My mother, my father, my brother, my neighbour nobody yes nobody!  You know everybody say, you are not so good-looking, and even clumsier. This might be the reason of everybody’s’ dislike! (bit thought) no I don’t think so  look at phagun (boy leaving next door) he is even more bad looking and clumsy then me but still being appreciated. Now everybody can ignore me because I have nothing to proof myself, but I know that one day would come when people would beg to see even a glimpse of mine.
(On the other side of the world all the family members of Ruhana gather around for the lunch in home)
Jaffer(inquired to sofi): Where is Ruhana?
Sofi(iriteatly): might have gone to search his miraculous dreams (she is about to take few plates for lunch which  is kept on the top of the rake by saying such words no sooner does she hold one plate then all the plates start falling one by one but somehow she manages to  prevent from breaking with the help of the sari and saves) (Angrily): what should I say Ruhana’s father your son has got into my nerves. Always, always he used to do something which I really detest. When he is going to realise his responsibilities?  Now he is 22 year old. Jaffer: yes even I too much worried about him. Hard enough to make him understand my all effort falling flat, now it is all up to that almighty. Let see what is written in his future. The only paining point….. He is my blood. Good or bad whatever I don’t want to see him sad. (Situation becomes quite for the time being, everybody have their lunch and get back to their work)
Around at 5 ‘o’ clock of the evening  Ruhana gets back to his home as the door is lock he seats in front of the door and starts watching things happening around. Some boys are playing few steps away from his house on noticing Ruhana few of them come and start passing comments and teasing him.
One of the boys: you know Ruhana I used your formula of being popular, yesterday I was seating in the corner of room, dreaming something out of this world shaking my fingers and enacting over can you believe man what I got? It was a miraculous slap by my father, yes! It was miraculous you can still see the signature of my father’s fingers on my check, isn’t it miraculous? What you are expecting?
Another boy: don’t worry Ruhana you would also be the one to feel this essence very soon.
(All boys bust into laughing all together)
Ruhana with bowed head says nothing like he accepts to be the part of all such ill comments. But he is helpless enough to change his habit anywhere whether his home, outside his home he keeps dreaming and he dreams too deep to involve his body and soul into.This attitude of him makes him funny topic among people to make fun of.
After one and half hour his mother comes and unlocks the door.
Mother: where were you? Your father was asking for.
I was seating at sea beach valley.
Mother says nothing and gets engage with her household activity. On the other side Ruhana gets into another room and putts to the bed. On looking the upward direction he gets into a deep sleep all of a sudden he found himself in the same beach valley where he used to seat most of the time and got surrounded by the very painful and helpless voices keep saying release …release….release me it’s you could ever set me free out of the spell being casted an era ago.
The voice started being loud and very close to his ear scary enough to hold up any more he just gets up unconsciously gasping and perspiring he relaxes for a while and have a glass of water and start looking all around in the dark room.
He noticed it was thirty past twelve at mid night all the members were sleeping. Ruhana stands in front of the window and starts thinking about the dream he speaks to himself, it was too real! But thinking of dream Ruhana does not take much concentration of it though it is a part of his as usual interest that might come in the form of dream but still he used to think of it sometime.
(One morning)   Mother (Sofi):
Ruhana if you are free just go and get a matchstick so that I could prepare lunch there is no single piece left at the house.
isn’t Abdul free?
  don’t you know he goes to work.
Ruhana: no, he said that…………………………
Sofi: No arguments at all go and get a matchstick soon.
Ruhana (keeps his book aside that he was reading and left):
on the way as usual he keeps thinking about the stories he used to read, watching all around seems he is in search of something at last he reaches to grocery shop and asks for a matchstick,
meanwhile there come two friends at the shop wearing School dress for their own propose and they seem busy in some discussion. On noticing those boys he feels pity for himself and wishes that he could ever be the part of such good education, good cloth, and good books and enjoy the.
Very interestingly he is keeping his ears to those boys as they were discussing about a book. First boy: hey buddy yesterday I bought a fantasy book ‘release my soul’ it is pretty interesting.
Second boy:
  have you completed?
1st boy: no yet to complete.
2nd boy: where did you get this book from? Our school library!
1st boy: no, I bought is from the library ‘student’s interest’ located at the main town and believe me that library is huge enough to have all the collection of books.
2nd boy: student’s interest! How did you come to know about?

1st boy: actually yesterday I went there along with my uncle to collect the entire requisite thing that is needed for my assignment there I found that library and decided to get in once my eyes got stuck at the book ‘release my soul’ no idea I just didn’t take much thought of that and bought it. I saw few more kids selecting that book. That is interesting I suggest read once you will like it.
1st boy:
I will definitely go there. How much does it cost?
2nd boy: it is not that expensive only Rs 250.
1st boy: OK I will get it. See you tomorrow.
(Ruhana starts to home and straining all his nerves to the discussion made by the boys and how to buy the book costs Rs. 250 out of his poverty never effort such amount getting no sense. On reaching home very irreverently welcomed by his mother because the work could have been completed just in hour and half ago took four and half.)
Sofi: so, very soon you come back! Where were you sir? It took four and half hour, did you find any fairy god mother on the way doing you the city?
(Ruhana hears everything on realising his mistake with bowed head)
Sofi: do you have any idea Ruhana my household chores are staying still just because of you. Man please behave like a mature person now you are 22 year old young man realise you responsibility you won’t be finding your family around you all the time to help you.
(She hits her head against her palm by saying how bad luck and gets to the work)
Ruhana sits in the corner of that very room he sits there for a while and then goes to the same sea beach valley where he used be generally and despite of thinking about his home situation he was leading his thought to the book ‘RELEASE MY SOUL’ and how to get this book, he has not even single penny only option he comes up with to seek help from his family.
After spending some time there he returns to the home as soon he reaches home finds family members gather around to have meals.
Father (Jaffer): come have you meal.
Very calmly he comes to the members, after having his meal
Ruhana goes to his father finding him alone and says: father.
Jaffer: yes Ruhana anything you need
(For first few minutes he stays quite)
Jaffer: yes Ruhana say!  What is it?
if you don’t mind I need a favour from you………..I know father you don’t like me very much but I find you only for this.
Jaffer on giving smile:
son, it is not the way you think, yes I dislike but not you your irresponsible behaviour, and you are now 22 year old young man and even the elder one I think you should be more responsible than anybody else. Well one day you would come to know your responsibility, tell me what favor you want.
father ……………..actually……….,
Jaffer: yes Ruhana speak.
Ruhana: actually I need to buy a book.
buy a book! What short of a book?
it is…………………it is ‘release my soul’.
‘release my soul’ and how does it cost?
Ruhana: Rs. 250.
Jaffer: are you made or what Ruhana? How could you even ask for? Don’t you aware of our home situation its worse! Thank to god that we are earning at least so that we could set off our hunger.  Don’t expect anything else in this much of money Ruhana.  (Anxiously) when will you grow up? I wish you could have learnt your responsibility in such dedication. (Takes his leave showing the disappointment by shaking his head)
Ruhana hopelessly keeps standing there.
One day he decides to visit that very main town so that he could inquire about the library ‘student’s interest’ and book also.
Next morning he gets up very early in the morning to sets up to the main town.
On noticing him his parents inquired that where is he going at this early morning? Ruhana: no, actually I have heard of some sort of a job at the main town area so I just want to inquire about…………….actually I have decided do something to help you.
Jaffer and sofy both look each other in such a shocking way over the drastic change happened all of a sudden, the boy has not ever agreed to perform even a bit of a work is going to search for a work that’s really shocking.
They were quite suspicious but happy on the other side. Last but not the least he realises that he should work.
Sofy (happy state): how would go Ruhana? Do you have money?
Ruhana: it’s ok mother I will manage the reason why I woke up early in the morning so that I could go by feet.
are you made son? (She unties the knot of her sari and hands Rs. 30 to Ruhana what’s all she had) this much of money I have for now just take it and no need to take much trouble fine.
To Ruhana it was like if he ever had a wish he would give single drop of blood to see his parents happy,
He felt so pity on seeing his mother’s situation , says: don’t worry mother that day would must come when your both the hand would not be enough to hold the load of the money.
Jaffer and sofi together ‘Insha’Allah’
Ruhana sets off to the main town At home jaffer and sofi were surprised to see all of a sudden change in Ruhana.
Jaffer: sofi to me it is unbelievable. Ruhana goes out to find a work! How it happened?
forget whatever happened pray for him.
Another side Ruhana finds himself pretty sad as he lied to his parents just for his interest. Giving long way to his thought at last reaches at his destination the main town which is really too big to find the library without the help of the local people.

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